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6oz. Pumpkin Spice Pili Nut Butter w/ Lion's Mane OLD LABEL SALE LIMITED AMOUNT LEFT

$14.99 $11.99

Money back guarentee sticker At Pili Hunters, we believe that nut butters should be nutrient dense, ethically sourced, and free from unhealthy added ingredients. You'll only find keto friendly, whole foods in our delicious "Fungi Fuel" pili nut butter. The Pili Hunters team partnered with the awesome @biohacking.chick to create this scrumptious, seasonal blend of sprouted pili nuts with all the brain-boosting, anti-inflammatory benefits of Lion's Mane and a pumpkin spice twist.

Take this 6 ounce jar of expedition fuel along on your next adventure for a rich, fat dense, brain-boosting fungi fuel!

Check out @biohacking.chick's site linked below.

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