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1 oz. Regular Keto Pili Nut Butter Packet

$4.49 $3.99

Money back guarentee stickerAt Pili Hunters, we don't compromise our powerful expedition fuel with environmental sustainability. With only 4 ingredients, you won't find any sweeteners or artificial ingredients so common in other nut butters. Every convenient once ounce packet of Keto Pili Nut Butter is made from responsibly harvested, sprouted pili nuts from the Filipino rain forest. Blended with healthy, vegan fats from organic coconut manna, MCT oils from organic extra virgin coconut oil, and mineral replenishing Himalayan salt, these energy dense packets are an excellent addition to your fueling strategy to keep your body in fat burning mode for the long haul.

paleo keto certified vegan

*If you wish to mix and match flavors please leave a clear note in your order!

For storage, please refrigerate. Please squeeze before eating.