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Sprouted Pili Nuts with Himalayan Salt & Coconut Oil 1 lb. Bag BLOWOUT BEST BY 6/15

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These 1 lb. bags are BEST BY 6/15 and NOT as salty as regular buyers are used to. These are perfect for whipping up your favorite fat bombs, and topping on your favorite salad. PERFECT FOR COOKING AND EATING!

Every Pili Hunters Pili Nut is wild-harvested by hand from the tops of the pili tree in the Filipino rain forest. Fed with nutrient loaded volcanic soil, these buttery, rich nuts make for Earth's perfect keto nut, with 93% fat content along with a host of healthy minerals like magnesium and manganese. After a 12 hour soak, each nut is sprouted, ensuring your body gets the most out of these incredible, vegan, non-gmo treats. Also available in 3 x 5oz options here.




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With a balance of salty and well rounded fatty flavor, the sky's the limit with your options to use Pili Hunter's classic flavor of pili nut. Toss in a food processor to create a great starting point for a chicken crust or top on you favorite cobb salad for an added crunch!


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