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"Jason Thomas the founder of Hunter Gatherer Natural Foods is on a mission to introduce the Pili Nut to the world. He is proud to have held many different titles from high altitude mountain guide to kitesurfing instructor and even commercial fisherman. His line of work took him all over the world, giving him a unique skill he puts to use in the day to day operations of his grass roots start up. Jason credits his adventurous spirit to his rambunctious childhood in the arctic north of Alaska. Most would say he is not your typical entrepreneur and they are right. While working on his international business endeavor, he has taken the time to help the people of the Philippines in every way he can, with the ultimate goal of leaving a positive impact that will stand the test of time. Jason was able to build the company from scratch with no outside funding, just elbow grease, and hard work. He grew Hunter Gatherer foods the old fashioned way, literally going door to door introducing Pili nuts to consumers. No trickery No BS marketing just a handshake and good product."