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What the heck is a Pili nut?

Canarium Ovatum, commonly known as the Pili Tree, is native to certain parts of Southeast Asia. The Pili nut (pronounced “peel-y”) is a rich, buttery nut with a unique taste like a macadamia meets cashew. Pili nuts are high in fat, magnesium and other micronutrients making them the perfect snack to support an active lifestyle.

The Pili nut has been known for many years throughout Asia – typically fried and coated in sugar. Our founder, Jason Thomas decided to put a healthy spin on Pili nuts by sprouting them. Hunter Gatherer Foods is the original U.S. company to sell sprouted activated Pili nuts.

Wild to the core

Hunter Gatherer Pili nuts are wild harvested from natural stands in the mountains of the Philippines. The nuts are hand harvested by knocking the ripe fruit from the trees. Each nut is shelled by hand using a machete, ensuring the highest quality.

The nuts are then sprouted and activated by soaking them in saltwater overnight. This sprouting/activating process increases the bioavailability of nutrients by neutralizing enzyme inhibitors and phylic acid.

Our Pili nuts are packaged in small batches so that they are as fresh as possible.

There are no pesticides...

or fertilizers used in the production of our Pili nuts. Organic would be an understatement. Hunter Gatherer Sprouted Pili nuts are grown the way nature intended – in rich volcanic soil with abundant rainfall, perfect temperatures, and ample natural sunlight.

We have customers ask why we are not certified organic. Because our Pili nuts are harvested from wild-grown trees rather than farmed, they have no added inputs. Certifying Pili nuts as Organic would be fruitless endeavor at this point that wouldn’t benefit the local people or environment because the growth and harvesting of our Pili nuts already goes beyond organic practices.

Sustainably grown...

Unlike other commercial nuts such as almonds, Hunter Gatherer Foods Pili nuts are grown without irrigation. Only rainfall is used to feed our trees! Rest assured you are not depleting water sources as is happening in the Western U.S.

Supporting Local Communities...

Hunter Gatherer Foods works with locals who find and harvest the Pili nuts from wild stands. By purchasing our Pili Nuts in this way we are proud to provide jobs to the community. We have cultivated lasting relationships with many of our suppliers and are hoping to build a co-op in the Philippines to help bring the highest value to our harvesters and suppliers