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Raw Cacao Superfood Expedition Pili Butter Packet with Maca and Lucuma

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Each packet packs 19g of fat with just 4g of net carbs. Starting with our tried and true Keto Pili Nut Butter, our Pili Hunters team added raw cacao, mood-boosting maca root and lucuma, an anti-oxidant rich, low GI sweetener, to create our new favorite superfood packed, expedition fuel. For this recipe, we've added just a touch of coconut sugar to pair with organic coconut manna, organic extra virgin coconut oil and Himalayan. Add to that a dash of organic cinnamon and cardamom, and you've got a nut butter perfect by itself in its easy to carry one ounce packet or blended with your favorite post-workout paleo smoothie.



Real Food-Refrigerate to extend shelf life

For the weight conscious adventurer looking to pack as much energy in as little weight as possible, each 190 calorie packet weighs in at a mere 30.8 grams. You'll be hard pressed to find more energy crammed into such a handy packet.

*If you wish to mix and match flavors please leave a clear note in your order!

For storage, please refrigerate. Please squeeze before eating.

The Story Behind the Art: Denali, formally known as Mount McKinley, is the highest and most prominent peak in North America, attracts more than 1,000 climbers every year. The mountain was named from the Athabaskan word for “tall” or “high.” The Raw Cacao flavor of Expedition Pili Butter was blended with these expeditions in mind, with a touch of coconut sugar for longer days, maca root powder for an endurance boost, and raw cacao for an antioxidant blast.

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