1 Lb. Bulk - Coconut Oil & Himalayan Salt Sprouted Pili Nuts

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Now offered in a 1 pound bag, our sprouted pili nuts are an easy-to-add, delicious-to-eat component of a healthy lifestyle!

Our Pili Nuts:

All of our pili nuts are hand-harvested in the wild Filipino rain forest, placing minimal strain on natural resources and providing local communities with an incentive to preserve their wild spaces. After harvest, our pili nuts are sprouted (i.e., "activated") through soaking in salt water and dehydration. Activation breaks down phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors within raw pili nuts, which allows the body to access the nut's nutrients much easier. Our pili nuts have a rich, buttery taste; contain numerous essential vitamins and minerals (magnesium, manganese, Vitamin B1, and more!); and the highest fat and lowest carbohydrate content of any nut. This compact nutritional powerhouse is a great take-along snack for long adventures big and small, as well as a healthy staple of any balanced diet.

Our Recipe:

Our original recipe - extra virgin coconut oil and Himalayan salt - started the U.S. pili nut craze! Our wild harvested sprouted pili nuts are lightly coated in extra virgin coconut oil and sprinkled with raw Himalayan salt.

Our Quality Ingredients:

All of our extra virgin coconut oil is produced in the same facility as our pili nuts, hand-extracted from fresh, organic coconuts without the use of any chemicals. Comparatively, the majority of the world’s coconut oil supply is produced in large, mechanized factories with little respect for the people and natural resources around them. Our coconut oil production is consistent with the rest of our business philosophy: Striving to minimize our environmental impact and work cooperatively and respectfully with local producers.

Our Himalayan salt is mined deep in the mountains of northern Pakistan, where millions of years of isolation from the outside world have ensured that no impurities exist within its chemical structure. In contrast to heavily refined table salt, Himalayan salt contains an array of trace minerals that can provide otherwise difficult to obtain nutritional benefits.


To maintain freshness, we recommend storing your pili nuts in the refrigerator. While some love the crunchy texture of cold pili nuts, we do recommend eating them at room temperature.