Baker's Dozen - 1.85 oz. Bags of Spicy Chili Wild Sprouted Pili Nuts

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Thirteen, 1.85 ounce bags of our famous Spicy Chili Wild Sprouted Pili Nuts for the price of 12! If you like a touch of spice, our Spicy Chili Wild Sprouted Pili Nuts are the way to go.

We added just a small hint of local siling labuyo Filipino chili to our original recipe, resulting in an exciting, spicy twist to the pili nut’s buttery flavor.

Our Pili Nuts:

All of our pili nuts are hand-harvested in the wild Filipino rain forest, placing minimal strain on natural resources and providing local communities with an incentive to preserve their wild spaces. After harvest, our pili nuts are sprouted (i.e., "activated") through soaking in salt water and dehydration. Activation breaks down phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors within raw pili nuts, which allows the body to access the nut's nutrients much easier. Our pili nuts have a rich, buttery taste; contain numerous essential vitamins and minerals (magnesium, manganese, Vitamin B1, and more!); and the highest fat and lowest carbohydrate content of any nut. This compact nutritional powerhouse is a great take-along snack for long adventures big and small, as well as healthy staple in any balanced diet.

Our Quality Ingredients:

The siling labuyo is a little-known chili pepper native to the Philippines. Similar to the Thai chili, it was once thought to be the spiciest pepper in the world. Many folk legends persist about the siling labuyo, and Filipino locals use it to treat sore throats, stomach problems, arthritis, and rheumatism.


FYI: You may notice the discrepancy in our serving sizes for our 1.85 ounce bags of pili nuts. FDA regulations mandated a single serving is 30 grams; the total bag weight is 52 grams. To calculate the correct nutrition facts, simply multiply the numbers by 1.73. We apologize for the confusion and are actively working to resolve the issue. 


To maintain freshness, we recommend refrigerating your pili nuts. While some love the crunchy texture of cold pili nuts, we do recommend eating them at room temperature.