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1/4 lb. Organic Hawaiian Hamakua Coast Pili Nuts in Shell (~15 Shells)

$8.99 $4.99

Enjoy these Hawaiian Pili Nuts - raw and in the shell!

These beautiful nuts come in the rock-hard, gorgeous brown shells that are found at the center of the pili fruit. They’re fresh and ready to eat, but don’t expect the process to be easy. Traditionally, pili shells are sliced open with machetes; it would require near superhuman strength to open them up with a nutcracker. 

These make awesome jewelry pieces / shelf decor / conversation pieces.

Our in-shell Hawaiian Pili Nuts are grown by Stephan Filipiak, an accomplished surfer and natural farmer, on the beautiful Hamakua Coast of Hawaii’s Big Island. In contrast to much of the rest of the state, the region has a rugged, rocky coastline with cliffs rising out of the sea like skyscrapers. We are happy to support pili nut farming in this area, both to bolster the region's economy after the decline of its sugarcane industry, and to support a more sustainable agricultural model.