Alison Gannett

Alison Gannett

Nutritionist & Extreme Free Skier
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Alison Gannett was diagnosed with terminal malignant brain cancer in 2013, and given 6.8 months to live with standard of care. After a partially successful surgery, she found Dr. Nasha Winters, utilizing her metabolic approach and new treatments to reverse the root causes of her cancer.  The radical changes to her diet and lifestyle, produced stunning results that confounded her doctors.

In 2015, she studied with Dr. Nasha and now specializes in Customized Oncology Nutrition, for the body mind and spirit. Since no two people are alike and no two cancering processes are alike, she creates a customized plan based upon each person’s DNA, blood chemistry, and health history. While her past stressful life is now gone, she used to thrive on toxic adrenaline/overachievement – having become a World Champion Extreme Free Skier and award-winning climate change consultant.

She and her husband Jason, now currently grow and raise almost all their anti-cancer foods at their farm in Colorado.


"Finding a low carb nut was almost impossible until I found Pili Hunters - the lowest carb nut of all! This enabled me to take low carb and keto recipes to a more therapeutic level, reducing the carb content of my bread recipe by over 70%. I also adore the fact that they are sprouted, which reduces the lectin content, which reduces gut inflammation. As an advocate for sustainability and living wages, I love that they also support their farmers directly. Pili nuts have enabled me to not only become a healthy person, but also to conquer my terminal brain cancer with support from a therapeutic ketogenic diet. Since I also specialize in “Customized Oncology Nutrition,” I recommend Pili nuts from Pili Hunters for all my clients."

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