5 Reasons Keto Dieters, Vegetarians, and Athletes Choose Pili Hunters

5 Reasons Keto Dieters, Vegetarians, and Athletes Choose Pili Hunters

The Perfect Keto, Vegan, Athlete Snack?  We have all come across products that claim to be the best. However, when it comes to nuts, Pili Hunters stands out above the rest. These little gems are no...
5 Surprising Keto Superfoods You Need to Eat Now

5 Surprising Keto Superfoods You Need to Eat Now

What was once deemed as a fad by the mainstream, the keto diet is gaining mainstream popularity and acceptance as a way to help the body burn fat, reduce inflammation, and achieve optimal health. N...
Pili Hunters Evolution
Jason Thomas

Pili Hunters Evolution

Pili Hunters Ultimate Keto Gift Guide

The Ultimate Keto Gift Guide

Tis’ the season for gifting! Are you ready? Don’t worry. We got your back with the ultimate Pili Hunters’ Gift Guide. Did you know that our pili nuts have the highest fat and lowest carbs of any nu...
Volcano Mayon Erupts in the Bicol region of the Philippines

The History, Mystery, & Future of Pili Nuts

Are you wondering what pili nuts is in English? In English, the Pili Nut tree (pronounced peely) is technically called Canarium Ovatum. However, the word pili also translates to Chosen One. If you’...
Why Are Pili Nuts so Expensive? Quality super food from Pili Hunters

3 Reasons Why Pili Nuts Are so Expensive

Why are pili nuts so expensive? Is this just the latest superfood someone is trying to dupe you into buying? It’s not a scam and pili nuts are no joke!  There are only a few places in the world whe...
Thomas DeLauer on why Pili Hunters Pili nuts and macademias are great for supporting keto diets

Thomas DeLauer: Pili Nuts + Macadamias, an Optimal Keto Combo

Have you heard of Pili-Mac Magic? According to Thomas DeLauer—renowned keto lifestyle guru—Pili Hunters sprouted and activated pili nuts eaten with macadamia nuts creates a kick-ass ketogenic combo...
10  Reasons to Love Pili Hunters, the original sprouted pili nuts

10 Reasons to Love Pili Hunters

If you’ve been waiting for an introduction to Pili Hunters, this is it. And if we’ve already met your acquaintance, please take a moment to learn a little more about what we do. You already know we...
5 Reasons why Pili Hunters pili nuts are the best nut | world's healthiest nut

5 Reasons Why Pili Nuts are the World’s Best Nut

Buttery smooth and light, the pili nut is as delicious as it is nutritious. It’s no wonder why its name means ‘Chosen One’ in the Philippines where the pili has sustained communities for centuries....

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