What are pili nuts?

Pili nuts are grown on a tree nut native to Southeast Asia. They have a soft outer fruit, hard shell, and a nut on the inside. They are the highest fat whole food on Earth, creating a rich, creamy nut with a mild crunch. They are a perfect addition to any Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, or Whole Foods diet.

How do you pronounce "pili?"

Though many people want to say "pill-e," the correct pronunciation is “pee-lee.”

Are Pili Hunters' pili nuts wild?

Yes! Unlike commercially produced nuts, our pili nuts grow wild in the rich volcanic soils of the Filipino rain forest. Wild grown foods prevent damage to natural ecosystems and do not negatively impact the local water supply. Our pili nuts are hand-harvested by local farmers who climb wild pili trees (called canarium ovatum) and shake down ripe pili fruit to the forest floor.

Are Pili Hunters' pili nuts organic?

They’re better than organic - they are wild grown! It doesn't get any more pure than this. Pili Hunters pili nuts are hand-harvested from the wild pili tree in healthy Filipino rain forests. Pili Hunters nuts receive no organic fertilizers, chemicals, or pesticides of any kind. Most of our additional ingredients are certified organic.

Is the cacao in Pili Hunters' products raw?

Yes! We only source premium, organic raw cacao for our pili nuts, and our PiliBars use exclusively fair trade, regenerative cacao.

Why are Pili Hunters' pili nuts so expensive?

Pili nuts are more expensive than commercially grown nuts because it takes a lot of time, labor, and money to get them into consumers' hands. Each pili fruit produces just one pili nut. To harvest the fruit, farmers must climb each pili tree and carefully shake the fruit to the forest floor, where other workers gather the fruit. Next, the fruit layer is removed, and the pili nuts are dried in the sun. Once dried, the nuts are shelled by hand and then are activated though a saltwater soak. Pili Hunters is committed to supporting the communities who harvest and process our products. We believe in paying the hard working farmers and processors a fair wage and will not sacrifice our commitment to lower prices beyond what is ethical.

What are the health benefits of pili nuts?

Pili Hunters have many health benefits! Pili nuts contain lots of good fats and important minerals including magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, manganese and zinc. Pili Hunters are sprouted to maximize nutrient availability and aid in the ease of digestion.

Are pili nuts good for the Keto diet?

Absolutely! Pili nuts are a favorite health snack for those following the ketogenic diet because the nut is a complete protein and contains the highest fat and lowest carbohydrate content of any nut. In fact, at 80% fat content, pili nuts have the highest fat content of any whole food on the planet! Additionally, pili nuts are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, copper, calcium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, and vitamin E.

I’ve never tried pili nuts. Do you offer samples?

Pili nuts are Earth’s perfect nut! If you are new to this delicacy, we recommend our Variety Packs. These small size bags give you a taste of some of our most popular Pili Hunters flavors at a discount and include free shipping!

Where can I buy Pili Hunters?

You've come to the right place! Shop our best prices and widest selection with fast shipping and unparalleled customer service right here on our website. You can also find Pili Hunters products on online marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, Thrive Market and in select retail locations nation-wide.

I got an email that says my shipment was delivered but I don't see my package. Where are my nuts?

Thank you for your order! We are all humans who make mistakes, and sometimes packages are updated by the delivery drivers but not delivered that day. We kindly ask that you wait for an extra day or two and check to see if your order was accidentally delivered to a neighbor. Most of these situations resolve within 48 hours. Please reach out to us if your order has still not arrived and we will look into it for you, and work to ensure you receive your order.

What is the Subscribe and Save option? Are there any commitments? Can I make changes? 

We implemented our Subscribe and Save option to give our customers the best price and worry-free Pili Hunters experience. You are in control, and can swap flavors, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time.

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