6 Health Benefits of Pili Nuts

6 Health Benefits of Pili Nuts

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If you are a savory nut-lover, you’re probably keen on experimenting with different types of nuts. This is great because nuts provide our bodies with a plethora of health benefits—from being an alternative source of protein for vegetarians, to serving as a natural energy booster. Of course, this all works if you keep your nut habits in moderation, as this type of food is anything but low in calories.

Chances are, however, that you’ve never come across pili nuts and thus you have no idea what health benefits they come with. Worry not, because you’ve just found the right place to answer your questions about the nutritional values and health benefits of pili nuts.

What Are Pili Nuts?

Pili nuts grow on the pili tree, a native floral element of Northern Australia. Despite its popularity on that continent, you will also find pili trees in many areas of Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia. Derived from the Latin term Canarium ovatum, those tall trees are cultivated on a large scale in the Philippines for their nuts.

The shape of pili nuts resembles a teardrop that may vary from an inch to 3 inches. Like most similar fruits, pili nuts are covered by a hard shell and they also have a coating—often sticking to the shell. The unquestionably precious aspect of pili nuts are their rich nutritional value.

The Nutritional Profile of Pili Nuts

It goes without saying that pili, like most nuts, are rich in calories. A cup of such nuts delivers about 650 calories, so for those watching their total calorie intake, moderation is important. Since they are so high in calories, eating these savory treats slowly will give your body enough time to register the nutrient dense nuts and feel satisfied with a reasonable serving size. In addition to being rich in fats and fair levels of protein, pili nuts are a perfect source of various exogenous amino acids. Moreover, they contain the highest amount of magnesium of all nuts. This isn’t the end of their nutritional profile, though. You should know that a single serving of pili nuts will cover your recommended daily dose of both manganese and copper. To wrap it up, a pili nut is a versatile fruit that provides you with a good dose of both macro and micro elements.

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What Are The Health Benefits of Pili Nuts

Provided that you use pili nuts moderately, you’re going to benefit from the health advantages they offer. Let’s see how pili nuts can improve your health.

1. They Fight Inflammation

Right next to stress, inflammation is believed by researchers to be the root of many of the world’s most serious illnesses. In fact, it's been shown that psychological stress can lead to bodily inflammation. Inflammation may trigger cancer, cognitive conditions, heart failures, and other dangerous diseases. Thanks to the activity of their antioxidant compounds, pili nuts can help reduce any kind of inflammation you’re currently struggling with, whether a supercompensatory response to exercise or a stressful life event. They are successful because antioxidants do their job by neutralizing or eliminating the inflammatory threat of free radicals.

2. They Lower LDL Cholesterol

If you’re having unimpressive results of your cholesterol tests, you may consider adding pili nuts to your diet. They are mainly made up of various unsaturated fats.  Due to misguided and outdated dietary guidelines, many people cringe at the very sound of the word “fat”, as they automatically associate it with something bad for your body. The above-mentioned unsaturated fats are key to understanding the role of fats in maintaining the overall well-being of an individual.

 Pili Hunters Pili nuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. These are invaluable in balancing cholesterol levels and they are dedicated for people who aim at maintaining weight and their cholesterol. By reducing the level of the LDL Cholesterol—the harmful one—you are become a few steps away from heart diseases like atherosclerosis and major, often fatal, events like heart attacks or strokes. 

3. They Have Antioxidant-driven Properties

Nuts are a rich source of valuable antioxidants in general, so you know we can already tell the same about pili nuts. Their antioxidant properties allow them to be eaten to protect your body against the oxidative activity of free radicals in your body.

These free radicals are responsible for protecting us against many diseases. On the other hand, antioxidants have anti-aging effects that can help you remain younger on the outside for a bit longer.

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4. They Enhance Your Regeneration

Interestingly, pili nuts can be an effective sleep aid. Since they contain the highest level of magnesium amongst other nuts—and magnesium is a particularly important factor for regeneration—they enhance the emission of serotonin and other relaxing hormones. That being said, if you find yourself tired and sleepy, a handful of pili nuts may be precisely what your body needs to get back on track.

5. They Strengthen Your Bones

The rich nutritional profile of pili nuts is something that I’ve already mentioned several times in this article, but I will go on and on about it, as the range of health benefits of this fruit is simply outstanding. Many of minerals contained in pili nuts, such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, or manganese are of paramount importance when it comes to the development of your bones and muscles.

The older we get, the more essential it is to take care of providing our bodies with the increased dose of minerals in order to develop a good physical condition over time. 

6. They Help You Keep Your Brain in Shape

Among many health benefits of pili nuts, one of the most powerful is their ability to keep your brain younger and more effective. As soon as we hit our thirties, our brain starts to slowly develop degenerative processes in our brain cells under the influence of oxidative stress in neutral pathways, which is the root of some serious conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease or multiple sclerosis.

The omega 3 fatty acids present in pili nuts have also been associated with the enhancement of cognitive functions in the brain, such as concentration, focus, and learning.

How To Incorporate Pili Nuts Into Your Nutritional Plan

If you have no food restrictions linked to allergies, intolerance, or personal beliefs, you can add pili nuts to your diet by using them as a source of healthy fats. If you’re a vegetarian, you can freely supplement your protein intake with pili nuts. They are delicious when served raw, but if you enjoy a more crispy texture of your meals, you can roast pili nuts and sprinkle them over the dish of your choice.

Pili nuts go exceptionally well with coconut milk and honey. For main dishes, you can add them even to stir-fry or as a nice addition to poultry dishes. Check out our recipes page for even more ideas.

Now that you’re familiar with the health benefits of  Pili Hunters pili nuts, you can incorporate it into your diet or—if that’s your pair of shoes—snack on them at your convenience.

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