Hunter Gatherer Pili Nuts in Vogue!

Hunter Gatherer Pili Nuts in Vogue!

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Huge news for Hunter Gatherer Foods and Pili nut lovers around the world today! This morning, Vogue magazine posted an article titled "Pili—The Delicious, Healthy Nut You’ve Never Heard Of"

While Vogue thinks that most people still haven't heard of Pili nuts, this article represents an important step in introducing them to world. When we started Hunter Gatherer Natural Foods just over two years ago, we were among a select few Americans who even knew what the Pili nut was. Ever since, we have been working as hard as we can to introduce Americans to this wonderful and nutritious food. Seeing the product that we've dedicated so much effort to promoting in as prominent a magazine as Vogue is a tremendous validation of our efforts. 

 Pili nuts certainly aren't in the mainstream yet, but we are spreading the good word about them further and further every day, and this article in Vogue is just one more step in the right direction.

We'd like to take this opportunity now to thank everyone who has helped us grow over the last two years. Countless Pili nut fans, healthy eating bloggers, chefs, and natural foods stores across the country have been invaluable in helping us spread our message, and we truly could not have gotten this far without them. To everyone who has ever shared a pack of Pili nuts with their friends, thank you.

We're thrilled to see that Pili nuts have achieved such prominence, but that prominence comes with a few complicating factors. As more and more people hear about the magic of the Pili nut, other, larger companies with far more money and connections than us have started to take note as well. While our small team is putting in as much work as it can every day, we'll be hard pressed to compete with the budgets of larger, more established companies. However, we think that whatever money they spend will have a hard time matching the face-to-face, long-lasting relationships that we've tried to create with our customers. Going forward, as our original Pili nuts become more popular, we'll always try to maintain the same personal bond with Pili nut lovers around the world.

Thank you to Vogue, and to everyone else for your support. 

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