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The world's healthiest nut.

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Meet Pili Hunters

Wild Harvested, 100% Sustainable

Better Than Organic

Hand harvested from natural growing stands of wild pili trees. Pili Hunters are naturally pollinated, rain-water fed, and never see pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

High Fat, Low Carb

With unparalleled energy density, this is the ultimate high energy food. With 41g of fat and 2g of carbs per serving, this is the perfect low carb, high fat snack. Perfect for keto, paleo, or whatever life adventure you’re on.

Pili Hunters are


Fair Trade


Wild Harvested

100% Sustainable




Gluten Free

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Our Story

It all started with a dude, a surfboard, and his kite.

Learn how we introduced the Pili Nut to North America. Every Pili Hunters purchase directly supports our Filipino workers and their families.

The World's Healthiest Nut

The Original & The Best

We brought the Pili Nut to North America.
You directly support our Filipino workers and their families with each purchase.