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Delicious and Healthy
Thanks Carol, Glad you like them thanks for the review :) We introduced these to the Keto community 5 years ago. Glad you found us!
Betta than Expected
Thanks Bell, We aim to please. We just received the new branded bags for the chocolate they look amazing. Thanks so much for your business Staywid Jason
Great Nuts
Thanks Teresa, We have 4 more flavors for you to try just let us know when you are ready :) Staywild JT
Just like BUTTAH!
Nicholas, Thanks for for the review. Glad you found us on Shark Tank! Damn wish I got deal :) Welcome to the Pili Hunters Family! Staywild JT
Lauri, That sound amazing! We use them to encrust meats as well so good :) We have to try this. Thanks again for the review and your business. Staywild PH Team
Kristi, Glad you liked them. Yep these ones have a bit more crunch :) Thanskl for your review and business. Staywild JT
Delmon, Yep the avocado Pili Hunters are the bomb! We got you covered come on over anytime I'll make sure you are hooked up! Thanks Again Staywild JT
Perfect snack!
Amanda, Thanks for the review. Glad you gave us a try :) They really are quite satiating. A little goes a long way. Staywild JT
Incredibly Delicious!
Jill thanks for review. We are loving this simple flavor as well. :) We do have them in the pound size bags now. Staywild JT
Raved about!!
Thanks Kimberly,! Glad you like them :) We have the mini bags in stock finally for a quick on the go treat 100 calories . Staywild JT
Hey CP Glad the Shark Tank Bundle worked out for you great way to get to try a bunchh of flavors at once :) Thanks for your business #staywild JT
Thanks Cp! Glad you like them yep buttery for sure :) #Staywild JT
Wow these are good!
Sean, Ha we will do our best to get you some deals. We do have 1 pound bags that are a better deal :) Thanks for the review ! oh if you like spice try our BUYO Hot Sauce! Staywild JT
When I want a little more taste to my Pilis
Hey Carol, Glad you like them. Those will be a seasonal product for us. We are trying to come up with cool seasonal products we think everyone will enjoy. Thanks again Staywild PH Team
The Best!
Carol, Stoked you like them yep lots of fat already :) But our Coconut oil are good and are what started the Pili Nut Craze worldwide :) Staywild JT
Love these nuts!
Holly, Thanks for the review. If you love dark chocolate. You got to try our PILIBAR I think you will be stoked ;) Thanks again and thank you for your business. #Styawild and stay safe PH team
Best ever!
Christy, thanks for the review! Glad you like them we agree great for smoothies or just snacking. :) Staywild JT
My New Keto Crave
Susan, Thanks for giving us a try! We have some new 100 calorie snack packs that are awesome 100 calories each :) Staywild JT
Awesome 👍
Daniel, Thanks for the review, we try to ship fast! Glad you like Pili Hunters! and thanks for your business. Staywild JT
tastes awesome and has a legit kick
Scott, Thanks for the review, Glad you like our BUYO sauce try it a a marinade its awesome. JT
Can’t stop munching
Elysa, So glad you like them! Thanks for taking the time to review. We get you we have a mini 1 00 calorie bag coming out next week so you can portion control easy :) Staywild JT
Delicious Version!
Glad you like them Thanks for you review! ,The are sure to become a keto favorite like our coconut oil version :)
Thanks so much for the review, Eva! We are stoked to help you out with an Indian curry fix! We love the keto community...supporting us since 2015. Thanks for your continued support!
My Happy Hour Favorite
Thanks Virginia, So stoked you like them! Glad you liked the video! Had some cool videographers working on that :) staywild JT
Great sample choices!
Aria, Thanks for review :) we appreciate it glad you like The OG Pili hunters. We have pound bags of those flavors and some new ones I think you will love. Staywild Jason