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Hard to stop eating them! So delicious!

Crazy good!!

Pili nuts are so yummy — delicately crunchy, super savory, kind of perfect. I think I might like the straight-up Pili nuts with salt the best — no added oil, just pure Pili goodness. All the varieties are delish, but Pili nuts are so good on their own that I think the unembellished ones might be my fave.

Terrific nuts!

I have never had such great tasting nuts! All flavors were awesome! I totally loved the ones fried in avocado oil! But to be honest every single package was delish! I would eat a package every day! The only issue I have is they are very high in price ! I’ll ask for them as a present ! Thank you I will order again !

Tasty :>

Will buy again :>

Will buy again!

Very good!


These are the best nuts I've ever tasted. I am addicted to the deliciousness.


A friend introduced me to Philip nuts and now I'm hooked! Will definitely be ordering again soon!

Perfect for backpacking

I always have a nice supply of these nuts when I camp and hike. This is a great product and I am a very happy customer!

So good

Omg I’m a customer for life. I will never be without these!

Simply Sweet

It's crazy to me how this flavor seems like the sweetness would be unhealthy and made with something syrupy. It is a perfectly balanced sweet snack that would be a great addition to any recipe that calls for nuts! Delicious!

Delicious, Savory Snack!

One handful is never enough, haha! They are so simple, but the flavor is perfectly balanced! So glad I found Pili nuts!!


Love Pili Nuts! So glad I found them. The Carny Fried Dough flavor is a nice sweet snack. I have not tried it, but I could see it embellishing something bakes, like cookies or banana bread. They are AWESOME!!

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Doni Cullimore Mercer
Delicious snack item

I’m enjoying these little nuts so much. My favorite is the sea salt, cocoa covered was second liked but I did. It care for the really spicy one.


This has the perfect balance of sweetness and healthy fat I need. Great energy source + handy snack for travels!

I want more!

I want them in bulk! Delicious! There wasn’t a flavor I didn’t like.


I’d never heard of Pili nuts before. So thrilled I tried the sample pack. Very subtle hint of sea salt makes them delicious and not hard oh digestion.

The best nut!!

Eating healthy and also helping my country, the Philippines.
Will always buy Pili nuts at this company..
Congratulations and kudos to your effort in helping humanity.

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Cheryl Blair
Better than I expected

I totally love these nuts! I love the ones fried in avocado oil. They are a little bit like macadamia nuts. I will be buying more

Chocolate that is Satifying

This is the one healthy bite of chocolate I allow myself. Satisfying without cravings for more, tummy aches, or nausea. I keep mine in the freezer. Chocolatey, crunchy, and cold. Thank you Pili Hunters for this delicious snack.

Love the sample packs!

I loved trying the different varieties of Pili nuts! I had to send my daughter some who shares the love of Pili Nuts!

Pili Hunters Shipping Warranty
Kelly Churchill
Absolutely amazing

This company’s shipping policies are absolutely amazing ~ they are the fastest service I’ve ever experienced ~ I can order anything from they’re website & receive it with in days! I’ve never order anything and received it sooooooo faithfully freaky fast!!! I love this company and all they’re products are 𝐀𝐁𝐒𝐎𝐋𝐔𝐓𝐄𝐋𝐘 𝐀𝐌𝐀𝐙𝐈𝐍𝐆 & 𝐀𝐖𝐄𝐒𝐎𝐌𝐄‼️🫶❣️💕

Absolutely delicious

Best tasting healthiest nut on the world

Perfect kid snack!

My daughter has a slew of food allergies (including many nuts) & we’re thrilled to find your PILI snack size nuts. She loves them!!!


Love my Pili nuts cooked in avocado oil! Can't get enough of them

The Original & The Best

We brought the Pili Nut to North America.
You directly support our Filipino workers and their families with each purchase.