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Roasty, fatty goodness

Man these things are killer. Haven’t found a variety I don’t like. Get you some.

Hi Nathan,

Thank you so much for taking the time to review our products. We're so happy to hear you enjoy Pili Hunters!

The Pili Hunters Team

Best Nuts on the Market

These are by far my very favorite Pili Nut!

Hi Gail,

We're so happy to hear you love your Pili Hunters products! We're a bit biased but we think they're the best nuts on the market, too! Grown wild and no other products quite like them!

The Pili Hunters Team

Great tasting nuts

Really enjoyed these. They have a smooth tasting flavor

Hi Stacie!

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for Pili Hunters. So happy to hear you enjoyed all the products, the six pack is the perfect way to try all the flavors we offer.

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These nuts are so delicious before you realize it the package is empty.

Hi Agnes,

We're so happy to hear you love your Pili Hunters products! We recommend signing up for a subscription order to make sure your pili nuts are always available when you want them!

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Overall, great taste as expected but a little too much salt in my opinion. Loved the raw cacao one, which would have been even better with no added sugar.

Hi Alexander,

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a review and for your honest feedback. We'll take this into consideration while creating future recipes!

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Pili Nuts Variety Pack

I'm very familiar with Pili Nuts because my wife's cousin who lives in the Philippines in Bicol province sends some of these Pili nuts made by the locals in that region thru the mail. We love Pili nuts and I was amazed when I saw this advertisement on facebook about the availability of these nuts. So I ordered it and tried all of them (variety pack). However, I didn't like the combination of Pili nuts with chocolate...I did not taste the Pili nuts at all and I'm not a lover of chocolate either. I like the variety of Pili nuts itself with a slight touch of salt...this is what Pili nuts is all about.

Hi John,

Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry to hear the raw cacao weren't your favorite but happy to hear you enjoyed the more classic flavors. The Himalayan pink salt is one of our all time favorites, too!

Pili Hunters Team

Love product!

I usually buy the plain in addition to a salted bag and mix them

Hi Mia,

Thank you for taking the time to review our products. We love your idea of combining a few flavors. This has given us an idea for a couple different combinations to try!

Pili Hunters Team


Again I purchased another a Chef I'm starting to make Recipes w/ Pili Hunters Pili nuts the out come is outstanding from Desserts, Chicken, Seafoods and Butters such as Carolina Reaper Pili Nut Hunter Butter

HI Tommy! We are so happy to offer that special to ensure customers (like you!) can cater to their wants and needs with PIli nuts. Amazing to hear all the variety you are creating!

Pili Hunters™ T-Shirt
Tommy Villanueva

So Glad I had an opportunity to purchase this item, it seems they go very quick, hopefully you'll have up the apparel gear, long sleeves, hoodies etc. I'm grateful 🙏 for what is in stock, keep up the good work.

Absolutely Delicious

These nuts are absolutely delicious.

Hey Christopher! SO glad to hear that you are enjoying our product :)


Pili nuts and butters are both an essential part of our ketogenic lifestyle. We don't head out on the trail or a road trip without packing our pili nuts. The high fat and low carbohydrates lets us hit our macros with ease.

I have to add stars to my review because five stars isn't enough. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Just like Spinal Tap's amp these bad boys go to ELEVEN!!

Grab yours today.

Hi Chuck! What a lovely summarization! Thanks for the extra starts! :) WE appreciate you and hope you stay safe out on the trails

Love this product. You can use it from head to toe. It gives a little shine on your hair, use a thin layer on face, lips, all over body moisturizer, use it if you have dry heels.

Hi Cora! WOW :) We are so glad you are getting the most out of this wonderful product. Great new ideas for all over body use!

This is now my go to hot sauce!

Cora, we are so glad to hear that this is your new go to hot sauce! It really is suitable for any meal :)

I really love the buttery and creamy taste but i love eating eat cold. It has a nice crunch. I'll definitely order more in the near future.

Great product

It's exactly what you would expect. Great product.

HI Michael! We are so glad you like our product! Our founder Jason is very motivated to put out only quality products :)


I’ve tried every flavor of these nuts & I love them all but this one by far is THE VERY VERY BEST! I love when I get to the bottom of the bag all of that yummy coconut sugar- I am so bummed out they’re out of stock right now, I check everyday, I will be ordering 100 bags when they come back so I hope there’s enough! 𝕃𝕆𝕍𝔼 𝕐𝕆𝕌 𝔾𝕌𝕐𝕊!!

Hey Kelly! We are so glad you love them!! Coconut sugar is sooo much better than reg. right? GOOD NEWS, they are BACK IN STOCK as of 04/21/2022!!! Plenty to go around, order to your hearts content :)

Not an ordinary honey

Certainly different in taste and consistency out of other honeys I've tried in my life. This has the runner texture, but definitely is unfiltered, and has the sour zing to it, so I never feel tired of eating it. I don't mix this in drinks, just scoop with a spoon and eat, like popping a vitamin. I feel like it gives me energy and great nourishment in my body. I highly recommend it if you're looking for something different yet wholesome to have in your diet!

Hey Y Brooks! This honey is truly a unique and tasty experience! I too prefer it by the spoonful for its sweet and sour sauce vibes. We are so glad you like it!

My favorite out of bunch

Thought it might be too heavy or greasy but on the contrary, it was roasty, nutty and crunchier than other flavors I tried. I will keep ordering this. So wholesome and satisfying. I will grab these to snack through a busy day! I feel like it helps me think without weighing me down.

Our founder fell in love with the Pili nut for the same reason Y Brooks! Sustainable energy throughout the day without being heavy, filled with unreadable ingredients, and of course, buttery flavor! The perfect brain food. :)

Tasty and natural way to upgrade any dish!

This gives a nice punch and a zing to any dish... laced with simple and natural ingredients. It is definitely my go-to when having a bland dish (or feel like something is missing?) and it instantly kicks it up a notch! It is no ordinary Tabasco kind of hot sauce, so you gotta try it to see what I mean!

In love with this chocolate bar!!

Creamy & delicious 😋!!!
Excellent quality of ingredients

Chantal we have to agree with you! The perfect KETO chocolate bar AND delicious! win win win. Thanks for enjoying :)

Delicious healthy snack

Great buttery flavor and texture, low carb, healthy convenient snack. I’d prefer just a hint more of sweetness from the coconut sugar but they are still very good!

Hi Mack! Thanks for sharing! We are all about keeping it sweet and low carb. Keep an eye out for our new PREMIUM Cacao Pili nuts! Dusted to perfection and sweeter than the other Cacao we think you'll get a kick out of them too.

Nutrition never tasted so good!

Recently purchased a 1 poud bag for my 90 yr old mother and she absolutely loves them with the pink Himalayan salt.

Hey Bob, so good to hear that your mother has fallen in love with Pili nuts! They truly are good for everyone and every age
We are happy to offer the 1lb bags to last as long as possible. (for me, that's less than a week ;)

Sooo good

These are amazing. Kind of a little crunchy with caramelized sugar. Exactly the right amount of salt. My new favorite. Wish they weren’t sold out.

EB! We have some good news! Pinoy is BACK IN STOCK as of 04/21/2022.
So glad they are your favorite :)
Thanks for sharing, #STAYWILD

Best nuts

I absolutely love pili nuts I'm so glad I came across these from a YouTube video from Thomas Delauer!! I seriously have to have a few nuts a day haha !

Hi Crystal! What a great way to find out about these amazing nuts!
Never a bad idea to have a handful everyday!
Keep an eye out for our new product PREMIUM Dusted Cacao Pili Nuts
and don't forget to #STAYWILD


Delicious and healthy. Love these nuts.Qick delivery and great customer service.

Mary, Thank you for the review! Customer service is SO important to us! Don't forget to check out our new PREMIUM dusted Cacao Pili nuts! Cacao taken to a sweeter level :)