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I follow the plant Paradox diet and had cashews removed. The pili nuts area wonderful replacement. Delicious, a bit of crunch and a bitof creamy. So good.

Glad Pili Hunters Pili Nuts work well for you! Thanks for giving them a try ;)

what a amazing discovery

i love all your products, i will reorder every time i run low.thank you

Thanks for the support! Leave us a note on your next order ;)

These are the BEST EVER Nuts!!!! I am hooked on the Pili nuts coated with Cacao. Buy the 1Lb. bag and gone in no time!!

Thanks for the review! Pili Hunters cacao is such a treat! They wont last long around here :)

Love it!

It's the perfect balance of chocolatey creaminess with a touch of sea salt and no sugar spike! I love having a little after breakfast for a brain boost or in the afternoon for sustained energy.

Kristina thanks for choosing our PiliBar as your afternoon pickup! :)


These Pili nuts were soooo delicious, I finished the coconut ones immediately. And the fact that they're good for your health is a big plus for me. Buttery goodness.

Thanks Sherry! Glad you like them

My favorite Pili product

The unique thing about this product is that the Labuyo spiciness poignantly plays off the fatty, creamy side of the Pili nut. A marriage made in heaven.

We agree! glad you like the spicy Labuyo :)
a true taste of the Philippines

Pili Review

Delicious healthy nut, deliver fast with great customer service!! Great part of my keto diet

Hey Chris
Thanks for all your support!!
We got your back next order ;)

Staple Pili

I order these wonderful Pili nuts every few months. I always have them around and they have become a staple in my ketovore way of eating. I love their buttery texture and mild nutty flavor! 1 carb and 1 fiber! You can't go wrong with this amazing nut from nature. Jason rocks! His company is efficient, fast and reliable.

Hey John
Thanks for the review, love to keep you stocked up!


What a treat! Flavorful, buttery, and satisfying! Snacking on just four or five pili nuts satisfies my midday craving.

Glad these work for you, a perfect mid day snack :) :)

So good!

These nuts are absolute delicious, and help me get my healthy fats in without a ton of extra protein!

Great nuts, but....

I like the the nuts, they all taste good.!!!! But there just a little higher in saturated fat than I expected. Being on keto, I need my saturated fats, but I get plenty from other sources.


Finally! Something addicting, delicious AND good for you! The variety pack is an excellent way to discover Pili nuts and which flavors one likes the best.

Loved it


These nuts aramazing & a perfect snack on keto

Delicious and Healthy

This is a great way to try all of the flavors. Pili nuts are delicious and I really enjoyed them. The packages seem small but I only eat 2-3 nuts at a time to they last quite a while. The free shipping is what drew me to these.


I haven't had pili nuts since I was a kid in the Philippines. I do remember loving it though. And when we (shared it with my brother - who couldn't remember what it tasted like) ate it, it all came back to us! HOLY ****! When is your next sale?

We're gald you liked them! Make sure to sign up at for exclusive offers. Salamat! from us here at Pili Hunters and our crew in the Philippines.

Pili Hunters Team

Excellent way to get to know Pili nuts

We're so glad we tried all the flavors as our favorites surprised us and was interesting how we enjoyed interesting new flavors. Ordering subscriptions now as both me and my daughter can hardly get enough!

Hi Jamie,
Glad you liked them! Let us know which are your favorites.
Thanks for your business.

Pili Hunters Team

I made a tasty trail mix with the carny fried dough nuts

I went to Hawaii recently to entertain for a corporate event (with Lipsology - the art and science of reading lip prints) and, for my snacks on the airplane as well as my stay, I used this delicious version of your pili nuts along with sugar free chocolate and macadamia nuts to keep myself eating on the KETO diet instead of getting tempted by sugary treats. The flavors are fantastic and I'm so happy that you invented this delicious option for my snacking and KETO success!

Hi Anna,
We're glad you liked them. Please share your recipe on Social Media and tag us #PiliHunters and tag us so we can share your wonderful idea to our Keto community. We wish you the best on your Keto journey, and thanks for the love!

Pili Hunters Team

Love at first taste!

This is one of my favorite fat bombs! Just the right amount of coconut and salt with the nuts! Drop or two of dark chocolate and boom! Can't wait to reorder!

Hi Dave,
Thanks for including Pili Hunters in your Keto arsenal. We got you when you're ready. :)

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Soooo Good!

Love the buttery taste! Practicing keto so, it's the perfect snack. 👍

Hi Lisa,
Stoked you found Pili Hunters! They are perfect for a Keto lifestyle, sure to keep you fueled all day :)
Thanks for the review!

Pili Hunters Team


They're good but my fave is still the ones just fried in avocado oil.


Awesome quality thanks

Love them all!

What can I say, I love all the flavors, and they don't crash your low carb eating plan. A great product!!

Can't get enough!

What a great low carb snack! Have ordered several times already!!

Hi Robert,
Glad you like them! Thanks for including Pili Hunters in your Keto journey!
Thanks again for your business.

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Can't stop eating, or ordering!!