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Yummy & Special
Dear Shelly, Thanks for the love! We now carry 6 pack variety packs so you can get a taste of all of them. Stay Wild, Pili Hunters
Dear Rachel, Thanks for the review! They are also packed with an abundance of nutrients that make them an epic superfood. Stay Wild, Pili Hunters
My favorite !!
Dear Jaci, Thanks for the love! We have large bags so that you can portion them out and get your fix of pili nuts while saving on shipping. Stay Wild, Pili Hunters
Dear Eric, Thanks for the shout out. We ship six days a week and will often go out of the way to make late evening deliveries to USPS and FedEx to ensure orders get out fast. Stay Wild, Pili Hunters
Buttery delicious
Dear Juan, Thanks for the review. They do really almost melt in your mouth! Stay Wild, Pili Hunters
Keto necessity
Dear Chuck, Thanks for the love! They really do provide that dense energy without the added bulk other snacks weigh your pack down with. Glad we are part of your keto diet and hiking adventures. Stay Wild Pili Hunters
Great Low Carb Nuts
Dear Joanne, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. The fat content really fills you up without all of the unnecessary additives and carbs that drag you down and give you that afternoon crash. Stay Wild Pili Hunters
Pumpkin Spice!1
Hi Gregory, Thank you for the review! We are happy you enjoyed the butter. We have a blowout sale going on right now which will allow you to pick up travel packs on the go for over 60% off. Try freezing them for a great summer snack. Regards, Pili Hunters
Fried to perfection
Dear Jesus, We have not tried that before! It sounds delicious though. Feel free to tag us in any recipes you come up with using our products! We would be happy to share it. Regards, Pili Hunters
Kiwot by the Kilowatt
Dear Jesus, Great to hear you like the honey! It is the most unique honey any of us have ever tried here. We may be selling the pollen directly soon! Regards, Pili Hunters
healthy and delicious
Dear Maria, We like to think of them as Earth's Perfect Nut :) Regards, Pili Hunters
Buyo-Out of thisWorld!!
Dear Frank, These are the lowest carb nut in the world. They have less than one to one gram of carbs per serving depending on the size purchased. We love the buyo too. It goes great on everything from eggs to potatoes to marinades. Please feel free to share any recipes you create! Regards, Pili Hunters
Dear Pat, They are a nice way to give depth and flavor to salads. Have you tried them in baked goods? Regards, Pili Hunters
Soooooo good
Dear Larena, The original is hard to beat. This is the flavor that started it all. We have made every effort to use the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best product gets to you. Regards, Pili Hunters
So tasty
Dear Larena, Thank you for the review. Have you tried it in coffee? Regards, Pili Hunters
Great product and tasty!
Dear Philip, We have multiple flavors so that you can find the one you love the most. We are always shaking things up and listening to customer feedback. Thank you for your review! The plain ones are great for snacking, but are also great in other dishes and baked in desserts. Regards, Pili Hunters
Dear Johanna, Thanks for the love! Here's sending some straight back at'cha! Regards, Pili Hunters
Love Love Love
Dear Wanji and Mire, Glad to hear you are enjoying our products! For more ideas on how to incorporate these into your diet, check out our recipes page on the bottom of our website. Regards, Pili Hunters
I love Pili Nuts
Dear Sarah, Glad to hear you liked our products. We put a lot of love into getting things right! Thank's for taking the time to let us know how we are doing :) Regards, Pili Hunters
Buttery goodness
Dear Robin, Thanks for the shoutout. They do keep in a pantry, but we recommend refrigerating them to extend shelf life since they are activated. Regards, Pili Hunters
I Love the Variety of Flavors and a Company that is Socially and Economically Responsible!
Dear Jodi, It's always great to how Pili Hunters fit into our customers' lives. They are a great healthy snack for everyone, and especially for growing athletes that need that burst of nutrition. Thanks for the love! Regards, Pili Hunters
Dear HJ, Thanks for the review! It's rare that pili nuts get to opportunity to be shared before they are eaten. Regards, Pili Hunters
Amazing Taste and great for Keto
Dear Marilyn, Thank you for shopping with us and for the kind words. If you like the nuts, we have 6-pack variety packs so that you can test out each of our flavors. Regards, Pili Hunters
Pili Nut Variety Pack
Dear Melissa, Pili nuts usually become people's favorite nut the first time they try it. You are in good company at Pili Hunters! Regards, Pili Hunters
Super!!!!!! My son and I both loved them
Dear Nina, Keep an eye out this week for some awesome deals! Regards, Pili Hunters