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These are wonderful! I’ve only had Pili nuts raw! As in your crack with hammer and enjoy. So i was apprehensive about the texture. I didn’t want it to be firm and hard like macadamia nuts. The texture is wonderful! It’s such a pleasure to eat And their seasonings are just right! Thank you for bringing Pili nuts in America!

Best nut for a keto diet.

Closeout Pili Hunters™ Himalayan Salt & Coconut Oil Pili Nut Butter

Beyond Delicious with attention to customer service!
I bought Pili butter in 2 flavors. I opened the cacao first, and 😋💝!
I made sure the first stir was thorough. It's fantastic on bread, with honey mixed in for "honey-butter" and had some on crackers. I took time to lick it off the spoon like when I was a kid😋
I will reorder BOTH.
Pili customer service was kind enough to combine my separate orders into 1 shipment and refund to my card the 2nd shipping cost.

My favorite of all! So yummy!

Love the variety. I don’t ever feel guilty finishing all of them! So good!

Cravings satisfied. Can’t get enough. So yummy!

They’re delicious! 😁😋 very satisfied

It was delicious, and I loved it.

I like everything

I love my pili hunters nuts! I get the raw cacao to snack on when I am craving something sweet or a dessert. These are a perfect treat!

This company is partnering with Philippines so I am supporting it. Aside from that , it’s really good, it’s fresh and so addictive especially the chili-garlic flavor. Yum! Definitely worth buying.

Outstanding customer services and best nuts in the whole world

I love pill hunters. This my favorite nut and they have outstanding customer service

Delicious!!!!! Loved every flavor!

Not crunchy more like soft macadamia nut. Tasty but the consistency wasn’t for me.

Delicious nut with a creamy texture.

Not really like the taste. I won't order again. Thank you.

I love that this comes from a place where farmers are being educated. I love that I helped plant more trees! I love even more the product itself! They are light they are crisp and clean. It’s similar to macadamia nut without the difficult chewing. The nutrition profile is excellent, I will order again!

Pili Hunters™ Golden Curry with Turmeric & Black Pepper

Weird texture. Flavor was Meh. Not a fan.

The Original & The Best

We brought the Pili Nut to North America.
You directly support our Filipino workers and their families with each purchase.