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Great Taste

I got a sample pack in my 1st order of Pili nuts. So of course i really liked the taste on some chuck roast i had. It has a spice but its the all around flavor that is so good. Get yourself a bottle with you first order or you will be ordering again like me plus i got some more nuts.


This flavor pili nut is hands down my favorite...following the chili is the cacao..The spice is perfect and gives me the kick I need!!


Bursting with goodness!

Best Sugarless Chocolate I have every put in my mouth.

I saw this on shark take and thought i would give the Pilinut a try wow! They are really good.$$$$

The New Staple

Surprisingly delicious. Great snack to have on hand.



Great taste

I like these better than the original ones because they seem to have more flavor. The original ones are good but are a bit bland. I will try the original ones in baking (brownies, etc).

Tastes like butter.

Good tasting. They do taste like butter, which can be good and bad depending on your taste buds. I like the taste, but after more than a small handful, it's too rich for me. The rosemary have much more taste to them. I like them better than the original ones.

Like chips you cant eat just one!

Sent these to someone. He loved them all! So buttery with a little crunch.

Absolutely can’t get enough!

The turmeric Pili are my favorite. I feel like I am doing something great for myself when I eat them too!!

The BEST nut I have ever tasted!

Ok, yes, I saw Pilinuts on Shark Tank. I was actually embarrassed to purchase anything based upon a television show.
But curiosity intrigued this cat. I ordered one bag of The Original from Amazon. They arrived. They tasted really, really good.
Then I noticed the texture while chewing. OMG these things are AMAZING. Wow oh wow are they good.
Unfortunately, I will not be a regular buyer @ the price point $18.95/5 oz of product. The caviar of nuts.

Spicy and Creamy in one

These nuts have a great combination of pili nut creaminess and a little spicy.


So I saw Jason on Shark Tank and immediately ordered Activated Pili Nuts!! I’m hooked! They are the best but I’ve ever eaten. And they are Keto, Paleo & Vegan! Non GMO and Gluten free!! Perfect snack!! Putting my next order in...


Love these nuts!!!


I had no idea what to expect from these odd-sounding little nuts, but they blew my mind. They melt in your mouth and are perhaps the best tasting nut I've ever had. I think I've gone nuts! Whether plain or flavored, they are a wonderful addition to my diet. Highly recommended!

Tasty and Healthy

I love a spoon of this nut butter on my square of 100% cacao with my tea!


Love these nuts...every flavor is delicious!


Don’t you believe it . More choices is what drew me in. Thank you for being a people pleaser

It's good

Tastes good, nice texture, ethically sourced, and that's all that matters. I would recommend


I am absolutely thrilled to have discovered a keto-friendly, highly nutritious and delicious nut to enjoy. When my bag of Pili Nuts comes out, I have no choice but to measure out exactly what I'm eating. Otherwise, I'd devour half of the bag!! They are so yummy!!

Very Good

Great tasting and filling.

Love it

I love this pili nuts,soft nuts .I like the turmeric flavor too.

Great taste

I love the oily mineral taste that the unsalted sprouted pili nuts have. I will be purchasing more in the near future. Best part about the pilis is no carbs.

Pili nuts, chocolate, and hazelnuts, oh my!!!

I enjoy this nut butter on a spoon!! I have used it in smoothies & on keto bread, as well. I gave a jar to my aunt who absolutely LOVED it.

Very versatile nuts!

These are AWESOME pili nuts!! I like that they are NOT salted and feel that their buttery taste comes out even more. Just a few of them & I am satisfied. They make a great snack, on salads & in recipes!