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SO amazing!
Thanks CK, That's exactly what we said when we first tried them FRENCH FRIES ! Hard to find something healthy that taste likes fries :) Staywild JT
The best
Thanks Raymond, Yep people are loving these very snackable but satiating.Cant believe the positive response we have received from these. #staywild JT
Thanks Raymond, Yep they are so good, dangerously good :) Thinking we need to make a mini bag of these for portion control. Staywild JT
Thanks Raymond, You gotta try the new ones with just a hint of of Pink Himalayan salt so darn good as well. #staywild JT
The OG from Shark Tank
Chris, Thanks for taking the time to write a epic review! Shark Tank was crazy :) First real pitch just walked out there alone and started talking like I would to anyone ;) It was surreal to say the least. It was all on very short notice. Anyway glad I was able to get our name out there to people like you . Keep an eye out for our new products they just keep getting better. Couldnt do this without my loyal customers. .Salamat! from us here at Pili Hunters and our crew in the Philippines. Staywild JT
Absolutely delicious!
Chris, Thanks for the review, yep we didnt want any crap on these nuts Avocado oil is expensive but so worth it! We are walking the walk when it comes to health trying to stay true and not sell out.. Glad you enjoyed them. #staywild JT
Great Products
Thanks Tony, Customer service is huge with us!! Thanks Again #Staywild JT
Love them.
Tammy, Glad you like them we try to make salty but too salty :) You need to try the new just Pink Himalayan Salt nuts I think you will be happy' Staywild Pili Hunters Team
Thanks Andrew , hope some of our other flavors are your favorites :) staywild Pili Hunters Team
We agree, we are stoked to be using Avocado oil seems to pair great with Pili Hunters nuts :) thanks again Staywild JT
Great Taste
Andrew, Thanks for the review and thanks for trying Pili Hunters Yep highest fat lowest carb full of minerals Magnesium, calcium manganese to name a few. Just overall a good natural product :) Thanks Again Staywild JT
Best nuts ever
Thanks Michelle :) Glad you enjoyed them. #staywild Pili Hunters Team
Carrie, Thanks for the review. We agree delicious. We introduced this nut 6 years ago to the Keto community and they have been loyal to us. Which we are extremely thankful for. Thanks for making Pili Hunters one of your keto snacks. Staywild JT
Great Taste, Higher Priced
Craig, Glad you like the flavor. We walk a fine line with pricing. The LABOR is off the charts for this product hand harvested hand opened. We just want to keep things fair for the workers in Asia. We are unfortunately seeing large companies moving in after our appearance on shark tank. I am sure prices will drop poor will suffer. I cant be part of that. Staywild JT
Michael, Churros for the win!! Thanks so much for the review :) Hopefully we will all be at the amusement park or country fair soon, when the world is less crazy! Staywild JT
Curtis, Thanks for the review always happy to get positive feedback :) Glad you received them so quick! Keep an eye out for the new stuff coming out very soon!! Staywild JT
Absolutely fantastic!
Nikki, Thanks so much for the review :) Glad you like the new our Fried Pili nuts. we are Stoked Stoked Stoked you like them :) #Staywild JT
Karine, Glad you received your Pili Hunters safely Thanks for the review:) Staywild ! Pili Hunters Crew
Adam, Thanks for the review :) glad you are stoked on the Pili Hunters traditional fried nuts :) Check out the Carny Fried dough they might be better. Staywild Jason
Tasty and filling
Patrick, Thanks for the review.:) We are trying to keep these healthy with no added crap! Glad you enjoyed them! Staywild JT
Rich and buttery and fresh
Krista, F Glad you are enjoying Pili Hunters Plain Pili! They are pretty versatile, we like to see people adding there own flavors and salt. Thanks Again for taking the time to review. Staywild Pili Hunters Team
Best tasting nuts!
Andrew, Thanks for the review stoked you are stoked!! StayWild JT
Fun taste. Good addition to Pili nut choices
Paulette, thanks for the review. Missing the fair as well !! Glad you like em :) StayWild JT
Dear Chuck, The macros are impossible to beat! We will have the 15gram bags back in stock soon so you can have convenient portions for all of your fuel needs for your outdoor activities. Stay Wild, Pili Hunters
Keto deeeeeliciousness
Dear Chuck, Thanks for the love! We are happy to be a permanent staple of your Keto pantry! Let us know next time you order and we can throw in some goodies for you. Stay Wild, Pili Hunters