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Don't know how I lived w out it tastes delicious yum !!!! The customer service gets six stars TY

Joyce, Really glad you found Pili Hunters! Thanks for your review ;) Kyle
So good

Best snack ever! My family loves all of your products.

Deborah, Thanks for letting us know! Glad your family likes the Pili Hunters products :) Kyle

I love these Pilinuts, as does my husband. We love snacking on them, throwing them in salads or even yogurt. Guilt free and yummy. We have been a customers for close to two years.

Carolina, Thanks for your business and review! We love to add Pili Hunters Pili Nuts to our meals!!! Best Kyle
Good stuff

Its great balance of salt enhances the flavor. It tastes so good, it's hard to believe it's full-on keto.


Hey Jim, Thanks for the review! Pili nuts are a great addition for Keto! Kyle
something new

hello I am writing this because of the problems I have eating any other nut except pili - buy it - we keep doing so.

Theresa, Thanks for you review! We agree Pili nuts are hard to beat :) kyle

These are probably my new favorite nut, they are so rich and buttery! I found out about you guys by watching Thomas Delauer, I will definitely be buying more of these nuts, they are so good.

Sal, Thanks for your review and business! We'll keep an eye out for your next order :) Kyle
something new

Very fun to discover a new nut. Iwas impressed by the large pieces and great buttery taste. I especially like them for the keto diet. Thanks also for the cacao-flavored sample!

Tammy, Glad you've discovered Pili Hunters Pili Nuts!!! Enjoy and we'll look forward to your next order :) Kyle
Best nuts ever!

I was very impressed with the various flavors, especially the raw cacao. But even the plain salt ones are yummy. And I can enjoy them guilt-free because of the low carbs. Great job in sharing this amazing nut with the world!

Dr Veronique, Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like everything. Jason
Delicious and Healthy

The Himalayan Salt Pili Nuts were absolutely delicious!! Previously blanched almonds were my go to healthy nut. No longer. Thanks Dr Gundry and Pili Hunter for discovering and introducing me to my NEW FAVORITE nut.

Thanks Amy , Glad Dr Gundry sent us your way! And glad you like Pili Hunters Thanks for the review Jason
excellent buttery taste!

enjoy this healthy snack, and will be purchasing more in the near future.

Carol, Thanks for your business! We'll keep an eye out for your next order : ) Kyle
So good!

All the flavors are wonderful I especially love the chili. The nuts are creamy and delicious. I love the chocolate I hope it becomes available in stores as well as the nuts! Great keto snack!

Helen, Thanks for your review! Glad you got to try a variety a long with the Pili Hunters chocolate bar (our favorite) Keep and eye out we're in lots of stores : ) Kyle
Fabulous taste!

These nuts are delicious! The travel pack is just the right size, otherwise I would eat too many!

Tina, Thanks for trying out Pili Hunters. A little goes a long way... we often over indulge :) Kyle
Perfect size Stocking stuffer for any age!

Just the right amount of treats in this little stocking stuffer- bursting with flavor! I gave it to my daughter who is a sophomore in college and she wanted more! Thank you eat pilinuts;)

Hey Lissa, Thanks so much for the review! Really stoked you and your family enjoyed Pili Hunters products. Kyle
These bars are great!

I have a hard time trying to resist the amazing flavor of these pilibars.

Hey Ivan, Thanks for the review. We've got the same problem with the Pili bars! Kyle
Pure perfection!

I split the Stocking stuffer bundle with a friend to get a taste of pili nuts and decide which big packs we’d like best. We loved both of them! Pili nuts are like no other nut I’ve ever had, they are lighter, have a tremendously satisfying texture, and didn’t stick between my teeth. So buttery and delicious!

Gina, Thanks for your review and business! Pili Hunters Pili nuts are truly unique... glad you enjoyed your order. Best Kyle


Thanks Mario, Glad you like them!! Jason
Great flavor

These nuts seem to melt in your mouth. Love the chocolate sample that was sent with my order. Will be ordering them next.

Beverly, Thanks for shopping with us! We also love the cacao bars, we'll keep an eye out for your next order :) Kyle

They are the best nuts we have ever eaten.

Dean, We agree glad you found us and thanks for the review :) Jason

These nuts taste so good! The buttery flavor compliments the salt perfectly! Even my boyfriend loves them and he's not much of a nut eater! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a yummy snack to help them lose weight by keeping their appetite at bay! Don't get caught up on the high fat content... fat is what satiates you and therefore causes you to eat less! Give em a try you won't regret it!

Sarah, Thanks for your business! We agree the high fat content is a great source of energy to burn! Cheers :) Kyle

These nuts taste buttery and compliment the rosemary and olive oil flavoring perfectly! They're my favorite go-to snack! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a delicious, affordable snack that helps you eat less and lose weight, as the high fat content keeps your appetite low!

Sarah, Thank you for the review! Glad you enjoy the Pili Hunters brand. It's true... a little goes a long way : ) Kyle

Absolutely love these. The Himalayan Seas Salt and Coconut Oil is my fave of the flavors. After the first sampler order... i ordered 2 big bags of em. And planning on giving other flavors out as gifts. Taste great and filling. Perfect snack. I do Keto and these replaced snacking on chips for me and kept me filled and satisfied when nothing else would do. I'm a customer for life.

Hey Diana, Thanks for your business and review. Thanks for spreading the love, Pili nuts are a great staple for a Keto diet. We'll keep an eye out for your next order : ) Kyle

I love these! Loved being able to get a variety to try. Found my new favorite flavors :)

Chealyn, So stoked you like them glad you were able to try our sampler packs . Thanks for the review. Jason
For my mom

I had previously ordered the nuts with raw cacao and shared with my mom. She loved them and they were perfect for her diet. I ordered the 4 pk and it was a hit as well!

Sw, You mom is lucky have you share :) Glad you like them ! And thanks for review Jason
Buttery goodness

I'm in love with these! They are so creamy and buttery. I love the salt on them. I can't get enough.

Melanie, Thanks so much for the review so glad you like our Pili Nuts!1 Jason

Love these things! Ordered some nut butter too, everyone may not like that stuff - not like peanut butter consistency, but I do. Pili nuts are awesome! They added an extra little bag of pili nuts too to my order and switched to priority shipping after sending an email and they did it for free! Great company with great style. Thanks guys.

Tanner, Thanks for your honest review and support! Glad we could take care of your order. Kyle