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Great Product

Love the product. Unbelievably delicious and perfect for my Keto goals. So glad I found you guys

Thanks John,
Glad you found us :)

Love it!

Perfect for anyone wanting a healthy "go to" snack. Anxious to try the other flavors!

Thanks! Glad you like it we use Oregon grown Hazelnuts and Wild Pili Nuts with no added sugar:) My favorite is the Raw Cacao

Thanks for your business
Ph Team

Such a treat!

I resisted trying Pili nuts for way too long, all due to the price. But I’m SO glad I finally tried them - all versions have been delicious, and this Pumpkin Spice (first tried when named Carny Fried Dough) is totally my favorite! The aromatics from the cinnamon and spices adds the perfect touch of savory yum, and the teeny hint of coconut sugar rounds it out perfectly! Savory and sweet has always been my favorite combo :) And this flavor lends perfectly to the rich buttery mouthfeel of the Pili Nuts themselves.

The only thing I’m curious about is: why change the name from something cool and different like Carny Fried Dough, to something basic like Pumpkin Spice? @PiliNutHunters - if you’d ever consider reverting the name back, I’d wholeheartedly vote yes!!

Hey Glad you like them they are good! Yes we just tried it for a seasonal name thought folks would like it. We will have it back to Carny Fried dough soon!!
Thanks for your business and #staywild

Ph Team


Thanks Debra!
Glad you enjoyed them and thanks for you continued support :)
The Original
PH Team

OMG these are amazing!

I have NEVER had a bag of nuts I enjoyed more. The golden curry spice blend perfectly compliments the flavor of the nut. There is no way to describe it really, its just something you have to try. I did, and I'm ordering a bunch more!

Thanks Anne!,
Glad you like them stock up as they are seasonal )
Pili Hunters Team # staywild

Awesome Healthy Nut

Love the Pili nut and this company for the great taste and process of making it!!

Thanks For the review Raquel :)
And thanks for the love! Right back at ya.
Pili Hunters Team #staywild :)

The best chocolate

I ate one bar and it was the most delicious chocolate I ever tasted. I immediately ordered 20 bars!

Kyle ,
Thanks we love this chocolate as well. Melts in your mouth. We are using regenerative cacao from Ecuador ..Its be some of the best fair trade organic cacao on the market.

Thanks Again
Staywild & stay regenerative

Pili Hunters team

Great flavor

Diabetic safe and great flavor without the carbs. Like this the best. Wife is hooked on the Rosemary. We're ordering the nut butters next,

Thanks For the review :)
Can I recommend the Raw Cacao butter or the Sugar free Hazelnut pili blend. They are good. The cacao butter has a hint of sugar.

Pili Hunters Team

Personal favorite

Rosemary and Olive oil is my personal favorite, almost addicted to this version..I think it would be great in avocado oil or coconut oil too.

Glad you like them., we will look into using those oils and let you know :)

Pili Hunters Team


Becoming a more consistent source of fat for my keto/LCHF diet. Variety of "flavors" is increasing and adds to value.

Robert, Thanks for the review, we try to keep new flavors coming if even just seasonally. Keeps you guys happy always open for any suggestions
Pili Hunters Team

Best tasting Nuts!

These pili nuts are by far the best I have ever had! They had just a hint of spice and that awesome pili nut taste. Definitely recommend you give these a try.

Thanks Mark,
yep this is one of our OG flavors from back in 2015 people still love them :)
We use just a bit of Siling Labuyo Chile to spice them up
Again and #staywild
Pili Hunters team

Best Nuts Ever

These are the best nuts ever! If you haven’t tried them, the sampler pack is the best so you can try all of the different seasonings. This isn’t original, but they really do melt like butter in your mouth. Because they are so rich you only need a few to fill you up. Definitely recommend these!

Thanks Kamala,
Buttery Goodness.:) Yep we made the sampler with FREE SHIPPING so everyone could pick their favorite
Pili Hunters Team


Very tasty!

Thanks Byron,
Yeah this is a new concept in Chocolate melts in your mouth :)
thanks for the review and #staywild
The Original
Pili Hunters Team


Better than expected

Thanks Byron,
Yep pretty damn good for no sugar. We honestly believe its the best KETO chocolate on the market.

Pili Hunters Team

My sister loves pili nuts!!!

I shipped a package of Himalayan Salt pili nuts and a pili dark chocolate bar as a gift to my sister who's never tried them. She made a video when she did her taste test, and she told me she's afraid she's getting addicted! :) I think I brought a new fan into the pili-verse! I knew she'd love pili nuts as much as I do, and they work into her paleo way of eating as well. WIN!

Heather You rock Thanks for sharing with your Sis. Your are a damn fine Sister :) Let us see the video We will share it :)

The Original
Pili Hunters

Taste and ingredients are the best part of pili

I like this healthy way of snacking and the taste and ingredients are great together~

Susan , Thanks for the review and thanks for trying Pili Hunters.
#staywild and stay safe

The Original
Pili Hunters


Love it

HB, Thanks for the review :) Glad you like the Chocolate, we have two flavors one with a hint of sugar one without. Guilt free dark Organic Fair Trade PILIBAR what's not to love.

Pili Hunters team

Love them!

I couldn’t wait to try them. Loved them! Bought the sample packs for my family and friends for Xmas gifts! Now it’s time for me to order more for myself! Yum!

Thanks for sharing with all your friends :) we appreciate you spreading the Pili Hunters Love..
Pili Hunters Team

really good, satisfying, amazing. best nuts i’ve ever had.

Katrina ,
Thanks for giving us a try :) And thanks for the review .
#staywild and stay safe
The Original
Pili Hunters

So delish!

Love these, so creamy and buttery. Can’t wait to try them with macadamia nuts like Thomas Delauer talked about.

Thomas Delauer is right they are amazing mixed with Macadamia. Give it a try you will be stoked.
Thanks for the kind words and your business
#staywild and stay safe
The Original
Pili Hunters


Not only are the nuts very good so is the service and the team behind it!!!!
Thanks so much!!

Thanks for the kind words and thanks for your business.
#staywild and stay safe
The Original
Pili Hunters

Delicious, guilt-free snack

Product was very loose when you first open it. It says it refrigerate after opening, which I did, but then it turned into a solid state. Unfortunate there isn't an in-between. Anyway, in the solid state, I just took a spoon and had some snacks. It's really low in sugar and carbs, so it's a guilt-free snack. Pretty high in salt though, they could take that down a notch, and I'm not just saying that for health standards. I agree with the review by Amy Jenne calling it a "love affair with Nutella" and it being a "healthier alternative" and tasting amazing. :)

Thanks Lauren,
Yes its gets pretty hard when refrigerated we are starting to tell consumers just finish within one month of opening. We don't use preservatives .
Hope this helps.. #staywild and stay safe
The Original
Pili Hunters

Pili chocolate bar

This is a very unique tasting dark chocolate. Slightly bitter, light salt, and a touch of sweet. Great balance!


I'm booked! Well be reordering for sure. So delicious!

Perfect Snack

I just Love these nuts my favorite new snack not greasy very light and crunchy ❤️