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Love it! Currently trying not to eat every pack in one sitting.

Awesome! Love them!

So tasty, healthy and addictive 😋

Always good and tender, a bit of a toasty taste sometimes. Love these!

These are great nuts- more of a "butter nut". If you want to try giving up butter, consider their nut butter or you can make it yourself.

Love these! Perfect keto treat. But be careful, before you know it, the bag is gone 😟

Pili hunters nuts are amazing. Never disappoints.

This is my 2nd try. I still don't care for the flavor or texture.

Not sure. I was expecting them to be crispy and they are not.

Delicious spicyness and just so buttery. Live these Pili

Flavor is awesome. My kids love snacking on Pili

One of my favorites!

Thanks so much for the review this is definetly one our favorites as well. We have worked hard to get the Highest quality Raw Cacao we could find seems like its paying off :)

Good snack

I've never had these before and was pleased with the way they tasted and didn't hurt my sensitive stomach.

Thanks for leaving a review, Glad you like them and glad they were easy on your stomach:)

These are great! Good nutrition, good for Keto, fresh, and all around great!

A bit pricey, but great! I’ll be back!

Love it. Will be ordering again

Tasty and pricey. For a try it was worth it but that’s about it.

Too pricey but was a nice experience.

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