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4 oz. Rainforest STING-LESS BEE Raw Kiwot Honey

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Money back guarentee stickerOur 4-ounce jar of Raw Kiwot Honey is wild harvested in the rain forest from Filipino stingless bees called Kiwot. 

Don’t expect the sweet, mellow taste of standard honey! Kiwot honey’s sour, fermented taste has prompted many to call it “Kombucha honey” because it's truly like no other honey in the world.

Kiwot stingless bees work in mutually beneficial relationship with the pili tree. Kiwot are essential for pollinating pili trees, and in turn, the trees provide valuable food for the bees. Our Wild Raw Kiwot Honey is the natural product of the rain forest symbiosis, and we hope you’ll be as impressed by the result as we are!

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