5 Easy Ways to Make Your Keto Journey Easier

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Keto Journey Easier

It can be difficult enough navigating a 21st century grocery store while staying loyal to your keto program, dodging the constant influence of high fructose corn syrup, industrial seed oils, and feedlot cattle, seeking out food and beverages that are true to our ancestor's genes and our needs. But once in a while, a superior keto snack comes along and makes life that much easier and more convenient, providing a quick dose of high fat, healthy calories made from entirely real foods, with a [diverse fat profile]. That's where [Expedition Pili Butter] comes in. Each packet has 200 calories of real food ingredients and satisfies even the strongest of afternoon cravings.

While the packets are great to eat on their own to deliver 20g of fat with just 2g net carbs, here are five creative ways to make your keto journey easier with Expedition Pili Butter packets.

#1 💣Bombproof coffee - You've heard of bulletproof coffee. Now, we're taking it a step further. Rather than cobbling together 3-5 separate ingredients each morning to deliver a high does of caffeinated frothy goodness, just use a packet or spoonful of Pumpkin Spice Expedition Butter for a vegan latte with all the benefits of a classic bulletproof blend and more. ✔️MCT oil from the coconut butter ✔️Lion's mane mushroom for a cognitive boost ✔️Complete protein from pili nuts ✔️Sustained energy for your body and brain

#2 🍞Spread on (almost) anything - While you're on keto, you can get away with eating a lot of veggies without worrying about too many carbs, but when you need a quick, easy keto snack, a plain ol' stick of celery isn't exactly an enticing option. A peanut butter spread is one option, but the macro profile of peanut butter, and almond butter for that matter, are not high fat enough to help you stay in keto, not to mention all the associated [anti-nutrients]. The Expedition Pili Butter packets are a quick way to add a huge depth of flavor to otherwise bland pieces of vegetables or as a great addition to a keto bread recipe to create a high fat, low anti-nutrient snack or side. Here is a keto-friendly ants on a log to get started.

#3 🥣 Mix in with "oats" - When I was fueling my mornings with the most complex carbs I could find, I took pride in the number of ingredients I could cram into a single bowl to get as diverse a breakfast as I could. After learning about the issues with over consumption of modern grains and my newfound desire to burn more fat for fuel, a bowl full of warm or cold cereal remains a very convenient way to pack in a lot of nutrients. There are options for keto "oats" and keto granolas that you can pour your choice of milk over and still stay on track. Whether you're eating your "cereals" warm or cold, topping with with 1oz of Expedition Pili Butter makes for a fantastic mix in. 

#4 🍓 Top a smoothie bowl - Hop on the smoothie bowl wagon, but bring along something unique and new with Pili Hunters pili nuts and Expedition Pili Butter! While we love adding Expedition Pili Butter into the blended mix, sometimes it pays to just top the bowl with the nuts and butter straight up. To make a keto style smoothie bowl, I'd start with a blend of coconut cream, regular milk of choice, a small handful of frozen blueberries (or berry of choice), half or a whole avocado, chia seeds, and your protein powder of choice (half a scoop). Fortunately, smoothie bowls are very forgiving with the proportions so play around with different mixes. There are thousands of recipes on Instagram and other blogs across the web. I'd also recommend heating up your Expedition Pili Butter to make it spread easier. (Just don't microwave the packet).

#5 🍨 Magic Shell - Speaking of uses for heated Expedition Pili Butter, try topping some keto ice cream and watch the magic happen. Since Expedition Pili Butter features organic coconut oil, using it as a topping on something cold like ice cream will quickly harden it into a shell. For an extra decadent treat, use the Raw Cacao Expedition Pili Butter on a vanilla based ice cream and satisfy that sweet tooth for the rest of the week! (with only a touch of sugar). 


Written by Marcus Farris

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