Five Pili Hunters' Products Sure to Suit Your Shopping List

Five Pili Hunters' Products Sure to Suit Your Shopping List

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Ever since Jason made his first kite surfing trip to the island of Luzon in the Philippines, he's been passionate about sharing the wonder of the pili nut. Fast forward a few years, and the mighty pili has taken nut butters and expedition fuels to the next level. During subsequent trips to the islands, we've found a bunch of interesting uses of the pili fruit. Here are five items sure to add creativity to your pantry and satisfaction to your intrepid taste buds.

1. Expedition Butter Trio. Can't pick just one flavor of Pili Hunters' nutrient-packed expedition fuels? Try all three in six ounce jars! From pumpkin spice bombproof coffee to light up your morning to a delicious addition to an evening piece of fruit for a keto-friendly dessert, these butters are as versatile as they are filling.

pili hunters expedition butter waterfall in background

2. Classic Snack Packs. These uber portable sprouted Pili Hunters' Snack Packs cram 100 calories of quality fats along with an abundance of bioavailable minerals in a perfectly size packet. These snacks are amazing for trips to the airport where keto-friendly foods are hard to find, or as a super satisfying afternoon snack to carry you through the work day.

pili hunters mini pack

3. Ultimate Pili Hunters' Variety Pack. There's something for everyone in our fan favorite variety pack. Snack Packs to go, a jar of expedition butter for smoothies, coffees, or high fat spreads, all three flavors of Expedition Butter in convenient one ounce packets, and four flavors of our classic nuts that started the craze.

pili hunters ultimate variety pack christmas

4. Pili Hunters' Healing Salve. For those dry winter days, try out the pleasantly aromatic healing salve made from oils of the pili fruit as well as the tree itself in the form of Elemi oil. We believe that we should be just as conscious about the foods we put in our bodies as the product we put on our skin. With no artificial ingredients, your skin will thank you for using all natural ingredients, harvested from our favorite Filipino rain forest tree.

Pili hunters hand salve

5. One ounce Expedition Butter packets. Every adventure requires the proper fuel. Pili Hunters' one ounce packets combine the buttery pili nut with coconut manna for a massive 200 calories in a tiny package. Light weight, all-day rocket fuel is in the palm of your hand with three available flavors: classic, pumpkin spice, and raw cacao.

three one ounce packets of expedition pili nut butter



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