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Black and White Keto Coconut Cups

This recipe is by Mary Vaughn, Instagram @mary_ketochick

keto cups recipe

  • 2 Choczero milk or white chocolate squares
  • 2 Choczero dark chocolate squares
  • 1 oz Pili Hunters Raw Cacao Pili Nuts
  • 1 oz natural almond butter
  • 2 tbsp unsweetened shaved coconut

Layer one: melt the milk or white chocolate and pour 1/3rd into a small muffin paper cup. Put in the freezer until solid.

Layer two: Repeat with dark chocolate.

Layer three: In a food processor, pulse the pili nuts until coarsely ground. Fold in with the almond butter and spread on top of the other two frozen layers. Top with shaved coconut.